Jeff Alan-Lee, whose former students include Shia LaBeouf and Scarlett Johannson, offers weekly acting classes focused in Technique/ Scene Study course. The goal of this course is to own your uniqueness and merge that into theater, film, and t.v. scripts.

One of our biggest points of focus is discovering your individual strengths, and what you respond to. Some schools force students to fit into a rigid, uniform approach. At our studio, we keep exploring different ideas, approaches, and material so that you can grow the most as an artist! Moreover, we have a long track record spanning 25 years in developing very skilled actors.

The goal of this training is to let your honest self emerge in front of a camera, or on-stage. Some actors have extensive experience but have tremendous difficulty with this, and vice versa. This course will provide you with a real strong technique essential for any actor.

[thb_testimonial_parent][thb_testimonial quote=”“Jeff is an absolutely superb teacher. I am wowed by the quality of the talent coming out of the Young Actor’s Studio. Wonderful!“” author_name=”Andrea Curtis ” author_title=”Paragon Talent Management”][thb_testimonial quote=”“I sent Shia Labeouf to Jeff Alan-Lee twelve years ago, and I keep sending him clients to this day. I love The Young Actor’s Studio.“” author_name=”Theresa Valenti” author_title=”Beverly Hecht Agency “][thb_testimonial quote=”“The hands down best place to master your craft. Very few studios offer the complete package of good people, good vibes, great environment, and brilliant teaching. Any by god the teachers are brilliant. Jeff Alan-Lee is one of the greatest acting teachers I’ve seen. Long story short if you know someone who likes to act and wants to go for it (or just have fun) this is the place to be! ” author_name=”Jonah Yslas” author_title=”student”][/thb_testimonial_parent]
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